Another year of killing memorialized.

Jesus Mourns the Little Child

I stood out in the rain with about 1500 of my closest friends on Monday from 12 to 2 attending the Together for Life Memorial Service and Silent Walk.  I had been at the Atlanta State Capitol building earlier to help Georgia Right to Life set up for TFL.  It was pouring and we were soaked by the time the music started at 11:30 a.m.

As the crowds started gathering, umbrellas flooded the street and the skies seemed to mourn the 320oo babies that are killed by abortion in this state yearly.  The program was good with praying, and speaking.  Then it was time to begin the Walk and the rain stopped.  We played the baby heartbeat for 20 seconds and then stopped it.  Jocelyn played taps.  A baby dies every 20 seconds from abortion in this country.

Every year that I have been involved in this, I pray that this will be the year that the killing ends.  Every year, in December, I begin the permit process for another TFL in January.

It must be a time of great mercy because a less merciful God would have called us to account for the innocent blood a long time ago.

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