Waking the Sleeping Bear

Bear and Cymbals

Wake up!!!

We heard the letter from our archbishop on Sunday about the HHS telling the Catholic Church that all health insurance (even private, self-insurers) must provide for sterilization, abortifacient birth control, as well as other contraceptives for all employees in 2013.

So, the sleeping bear, (the USCCB) is finally waking up?  What took you so long?  Most orthodox, pro-life Catholics have been sounding the alarm for over 3 years now.  Some of us for over 40.

You feel betrayed? What about all those Catholics who were not properly taught that Birth Control is a grave sin.  (Remember Humanae Vitae and how the Catholic Church in the West pretty much ignored it?) How are they to feel?  Betrayed by the very shepherds that should have been looking out for their immortal souls?  Now we are reaping what we have sown:  the decaying fruit of the Culture of Death!

All is not lost, of course.  Jesus conquered death.  Now let us act like we believe it.

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