Lord, Who Throughout These 40 Days.

While others are still discussing BC Mandates and Politics, I am waiting on the Holy Spirit to guide me into my Lenten Observances for this year in the three areas:  Fasting, Praying, Giving.   Even though Charlie and I are both past the age of fasting according to the Church, I will still “Daniel” fast on Ash Wednesday, First Friday March 2, and Good Friday.  (the Daniel fast is nothing but fruit and vegetables and water.) Abstinence on Fridays is something that we practice all year round.  The rest is between me and my heavenly Father who sees all things in secret.  I am sharing some of these things so that you might get some ideas for yourself.

Praying.  This is a harder one for me.  I am really relying on the Holy Spirit for this one.  I will spend one weekend of Lent doing a mini-version of the Ignatius Retreat called “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” like I do every Lent, but what I will add, I have no clue at this point.  He is giving me some hints and I will have to wait on Him a little longer to discern what I’m supposed to add to my prayer life.  It is always something that I keep doing after Lent is over.

Giving Alms:  We have discerned one area of sacrificial giving for us this Lent.  I don’t know if there will be another.  This is definitely between me and Charlie and the Father.  🙂

So, share what you have in mind.  And enjoy this Entrance hymn as we enter this Holy Season next week.

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  1. SR

    This is a refreshing post amid all the Obama stuff and I thank you. For Lent:
    One thing I always try to do for Lent is bring something into my life which I am not doing now, that will make my relationship with God better. I want it to be something that I will do the rest of my life, such as more prayer time, almsgiving, more charity work, doing more for my family etc…
    I am going to try my best to work on my 1% button. (I will be doing post closer to Lent) I am 99% good. Will give you the shirt off of my back, and pray for you until my knees are raw, but I have this 1% button and when that thing is pushed and goes off, that is all she wrote. The devil inside of me it is.
    I am very much country. Very much a “Redneck Woman.” Very much a lover of animals etc…That 1% button along with all of the above mentioned keeps me in confession all the time. I have worn holes in the carpet. So that is it for me this Lent. Thanks for asking us to share.
    God Bless, SR


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