Have You Gone Fishing Already?

So, St. Peter had seen the Risen Christ at least three times, but he rebels against Jesus by returning to the fishing business.  (cf Mk 1: 17; Jn 21: 3)  He seems to be modeling behavior that a lot of us might be guilty.  Lent is over.  Christ is risen.  Easter was 6 days ago.  Now we return to our old way of life?  If the Resurrection means anything. . . no way will we do that!

Faith in the Risen Lord should set out a whole new task for our lives just as it did for the disciples especially after they received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.  Faith should highlight and illuminate the Gospel for us if we let the Holy Spirit work in us.  Sometimes, I think we treat the Holy Spirit like a credit card that we haven’t activated.  He sits in our drawer waiting for us to “use” Him.

Let us allow faith to renew our reading and meditating on the Gospels in such a way that God’s grace will transform our lives through them.  A good way to do this is preparing for Mass by reading the Gospel ahead of time and jotting down one reflection by which we will live that day or that week.

By faith, we, too, live; by the living recognition of the Lord Jesus, present in our lives and in our history.–Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (Porta Fidei, n. 13)

Two Questions for Meditation

030   Who do I think Jesus is?

  What difference does Jesus make in my life?

  Let’s ask Jesus to increase our faith where it is weak, so we don’t “go fishing.”


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One response to “Have You Gone Fishing Already?

  1. SR

    “Treating the Holy Spirit like a credit card we have not activated.” Now that is an observation my friend! One to truly think about. Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR


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