Hello, everyone.

I know we had planned to read about the Scriptural basis for the Nicene Creed; however, we will be putting that off until Monday afternoon.

Today, I have been tweeting about Kermit #Gosnell and the trial that the mainstreet media is not covering.  #Gosnell is being tried for 8 counts of first degree murder in his clinic that has been described in the transcripts as a house of horrors.

So, if you want to get more information about this and what the pro-life community is doing until midnight then go here:


If you would pray a rosary for all the preborn babies and their mothers especially the 3000 that will be aborted today that would be a blessing!  Believe, I am praying one over and over today that God uses our efforts in this Tweet-effort to bring good!

Thanks and see you Monday.

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