@Home with the Word: a Bible Study Guide to the Letter of St. James

We will be using Dr. Scott Hahn’s and Jeff Cavins’ @Home with the Word for this study.  This series is very, very old.  My guess is that it is at least 11 years old and probably older.  My copy is from 2002.  I doubt that it is available anywhere.  The website that is referenced in my copy isn’t active and is for sale.  However, I like the way it is laid out and hope that everyone will follow along and do the exercises with me.  (We will also use the Catechism of the Catholic Church; hereafter referred to as the CCC.)


The Structure of Each Study

Prayer:  It is important that we start our study with a prayer.  The CCC says, “the Church ‘forcefully and specifically exhorts’ all the Christian faithful. . .to learn  ‘the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ’ (Phil 3: 8) by frequent reading of the divine Scriptures. . .Let them remember, however, that prayer should accompany the reading of Sacred Scripture, so that a dialogue takes place between God and man.  For ‘we speak to him when we pray; we listen to him when we read the divine oracles'” (CCC 2653)

Have you ever:  These questions are designed to engage us in relating what we read to our own lives.

Memory Verse:  It is important to hide God’s Word in our hearts and meditate on it day and night.  I suggest that we write down the memory verse on an index card and carry it with us until it becomes a part of our thinking.  Another idea is to highlight the verse in our Bible, too.  The CCC also speaks about the heart that is nourished by the word of God when in prayer.  (Read CCC 2654)

Points to Ponder:  This section is designed to employ the various senses of scripture in order to dig deeper into the word of God.  The four senses of Scripture are literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogical.  These are all very biblical ways of looking at Scripture and “reading it for all it’s worth.”  God gives us nuggets of gold in His Word.  Points to Ponder should help us mine for them.

Rome to Home:  Each study will draw on the wisdom of the papcy.  In other words, from time to time, papal writings will be recommended.

Let’s Talk About It:  This is the heart of the study.  This is where we will roll up our sleeves and do some investigating, thinking, and praying.  Each study will contain 8-12 questions.

Windows of Opportunity:  How do we put the Word into practice?

Home Improvements:  This will be a personal section that is reserved for our personal resolutions.

James the LessNext time:  Introduction to James

Preparation:  A preliminary reading, quickly, of the Letter of St. James.

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