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St. James “struck” again.  Last Thursday, my DSL modem gave up the ghost after 4 years of faithful service.  While I waited for my new modem to arrive, I realized that I spend way too much time on Facebook; so I will not be doing that anymore.  I’m taking my online time to what it takes me to post the bible study on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and what it takes me to read my important emails.  No internet usage on Saturday now, too as well as on Sunday like it has been for years.  I will still be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I will be online a little more.  Thinking back over the last 7 days, St. James has done me a really big favor.  Thank you, sir.

Memory Verse

James 1: 22  “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

Sometimes God, through His word, commands us to act in some area of our lives and we do not.  When that happens, says James, we are like someone who “observes himself (in a mirror) and goes away and at once forgets what he was like. (James 1: 24)  Oftentimes, Christians will lament that “God isn’t speaking to me anymore” only to discover that the real problem is we did not act on the last thing God told us to do, so He is waiting to speak until we obey the last thing He told us to do.  What is the last practical thing the Holy Spirit told you to do?

I would have answered this quite differently last Thursday.  Now, I know that the Holy Spirit is directing me to get off the computer and be available for all kinds of other things.  We will be going to exercise more at the YMCA.  I need to take better care of my health and get more exercise.  Charlie and I will be joining the Senior center together to befriend other seniors who might not have others in their lives and we will be going to TOPS (taking off pounds sensibly) together, too.  I will begin my prayer shawl ministry soon.  Yes, these are practical things that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart during these last 7 days and I am completely certain of it!

Next time:  Points to Ponder

@Home work:  Please read the CCC:  Nos. 2259, 2011, 143, 2208.

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  1. SR

    Good for you!!! I had to do the same thing. Of course I have never had Facebook, see absolutely no point in it myself. (Well I had it for about 20 seconds and saw quickly it was not for me.) I used to however, try and blog daily. The first thing I did in the morning was “check the blog.” The last thing as well as night. Now I try only to do three and sometimes four post a week. I enjoy it so much more and also find I can read others blogs as well with a lot more attention. I try to stay with those I follow and every once in a great while will read something of interest. If we do not have “balance” in all we do for God, we will not do it well. You do yours, so well! God Bless, SR


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