Putting St. James Aside for a While

I’m not sure that I will be completing the study of St. James.  Now that Pope Francis has come out with his first encyclical, I think we might lay St. James aside for a while and read this encyclical.  Besides, with my approaching retirement at the end of the month and family visiting Atlanta this month for my birthday, the time slips away each and every day.  Writing on the blog is becoming a chore rather than a joy this summer.  I will keep on keeping on once I figure out what I mean to do on it.  In the meantime, please pray with me for our Holy Father.

Looking forward to my retirement, my husband (who has been retired for over 3 years) and I are planning things that we can do together and it seems that I will be busier than when I was working.  We are trying to get healthier together, but using the “Y” more and eating meatless.  We will also join the Barrow County Senior Center together.  We want to take advantage of some of their trips, but can only be invited if we attend the Center two days a week.  I will still be working for Georgia Right to Life 8 hours a week but doing it from home.  Praise the Lord.  That hour on the road each way is wearing me and my car out.

Finally, I do want to leave you with a prayer request for me and my husband as we embark on another season of our married life together.  No one has written a book yet on how to survive retirement with your spouse when you have been working your whole life like I have.  He says that as long as I “tone it down” we should get along fine.  My response was (in dramatic fashion) “What do you MEAN, tone it down?”  Enough said.

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