Lumen Fidei

Ok, so I’ve given up on St. James right now and am reading Pope Francis’ new Encyclical: Lumen Fidei.  Also, I have been very busy having a milestone birthday and a week long visit with my sister.  Now, my daughter is visiting for a few days, so I haven’t given much thought to my blog for a couple of weeks.

Only 3 more working days until I come home to retirement which promises to be busier than my non-retirement if the last couple of weeks has been any indication.

So today, to get us started on Lumen Fidei together, I have put together some links to other bloggers, writers, etc. so you can get the “flavor” of the encyclical just like I have.  Then on Monday, we will dive right in.  I want it to be a prayerful and spiritual experience, so you won’t find my “take” on whose writing is better or anything literary at all.  We will take the words for what they mean and hopefully be enriched because of it.  God bless us all!

Links to Others  Actual Encyclical  Summary of Lumen Fidei  Weigel on Lumen Fidei  Father Barron’s commentary  Top 15 quotes from Lumen Fidei according to  15 Easy points from Lumen Fidei from Dr. Taylor Marshall

Happy reading!

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