Knowledge of the truth and love

26.  St. Paul says that “One believes with the heart.” (Rom 10:10)  This means that we will be transformed by faith to the extent that we become open to love: the immense love of God.  God’s love enables us to see reality (Truth) with new eyes.

27.  In contemporary culture love is seen as an experience of “fleeting emotions.”  However true love has to require truth or it can never endure over time; turning us away from being self-centered and towards another.  “Without truth, love is incapable of establishing a firm bond; it cannot liberate our isolated ego or redeem it from the fleeting moment in order to create life and bear fruit.” Love and truth are inseparable.

28.  Love is the source of knowledge and the biblical understanding of faith.  Faith-knowledge is born of God’s love in covenant with His people.  As its history blossomed, Israel came to see that this faith-knowledge (divine truth) extended to the entire history of the whole created world.

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