I can’t believe that it has been since September

So I haven’t posted anything to my blog since September of last year.

But, New Years are supposed to signal new beginnings, so I’m trying this again.

First, I didn’t make any resolutions for 2014.   I’m trying to add something to my spiritual exercises though and so it is that I am dedicating my blog this year to Our Lady of the Rosary and beginning with reading and studying The Gospel of St. John.  I’m going to read a little each and every day, but I won’t be blogging about it every day.  I’m not going to say that I’m going to blog 3 times a week or even two.  One of my faults is my all or nothing approach to some things.

For instance, if I couldn’t blog my three days a week that I had set for myself I wasn’t going to do any.  Can you understand why I didn’t make any resolutions or set any goals?  I’m just going to get up each day and turn it over to Jesus and see what He comes up for me that day.

I plan on plenty of time for prayer, especially the Rosary and adoration.  The rest will have to take care of itself.  I think I can trust Him to find me time for the things that I have to do (work 8 hours a week) and like to do (take pictures and scrapbook.)

I realized tonight that I pass by a lot of opportunities to do little things for people because I just don’t think of them while they are presenting themselves.  I asked Him to help me be so present in the moment that these little opportunities will stand out and make themselves known to me.

If you are going to be reading John with me, I am finished reading John 1: 1-18 through twice.  Have reflected on it briefly, but next time will have a few more things to say about “The Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

God bless all of you who are reading this.  Hope you are having a blessed Christmas season and will have a healthy and prosperous New Year.  God does mean for us to prosper.

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