Lent means Freedom to Me.

I am giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent.  Someone told me that I was foolish to do so.  There are a lot of us foolish people out there then.  I couldn’t quite articulate why to even my satisfaction, I just know that the last time I did it, it was so refreshing.

But then I found an article by Amy Bonaccorso on Catholic Lane, just this morning.  It explains my reasons so perfectly that I am putting the link in here http://catholiclane.com/five-reasons-im-giving-up-facebook-for-lent/

See, my abstinence from FB is already paying dividends for me.  I had time to read the Morning Offering that I get each morning from the Catholic Company.   I had time to read the NCR newsletter that comes each day.  I have time to blog this morning.  I will also have time to look at the Divine Office, too.  WOW!  What Freedom!

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