It’s the Little Things

I get the Morning Offering from the Catholic Company.  (  if you want to subscribe.)  Today’s meditation from Abandonment to Divine Providence was just what I needed.  I added the bold.

1033325“This God of all goodness has made those things easy which are common and necessary in the order of nature, such as breathing, eating, and sleeping. No less necessary in the supernatural order are love and fidelity, therefore it must needs be that the difficulty of acquiring them is by no means so great as is generally represented. Review your life. Is it not composed of innumerable actions of very little importance? Well, God is quite satisfied with these. They are the share that the soul must take in the work of its perfection.”
— Jean-Pierre de Caussade, p.7

I forget sometimes that my particular path to holiness will consist of a lot of small things done with love and prayer.  And, I must not forget forgiveness.  If the cross teaches nothing else, it must teach us forgiveness.


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