A General Confession

I’m still having a little trouble typing on the computer without my one finger.  It takes me a very long time and I make a lot of mistakes so I’d rather not do it until the stitches come out on Monday.  Soooo looking forward to that!!!

However, I found this article and just had to share it with all of you.  I’m going to “confess” that I have on occasion been a “coucher of words” because of my pride and this was just the reminder that I needed to really examine my motives with regard to my sins.




Filed under Catholic, Fasting, Holy Spirit, Lent, reconciliation

2 responses to “A General Confession

  1. SO VERY HONORED that you would choose to share my article from CATHOLIC STAND…in case you or your readers may wish to check out some of my other work my website is included in this note. God bless your Lent!


  2. THANKS for sharing my first Catholic Stand article! God bless you and your Lent, and I will look forward to following your site. Peace of Christ through Mary to you and your readers.


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