“We are the Church Militant; not the Church Pansy.”

Don’t you love it?

I do not agree with this post 100%.  However, I think it is very interesting and wanted to share it with you, today.


Hope you are having a great Lent, so far!

I am.  (including my small sharing in the cross 🙂 )

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One response to ““We are the Church Militant; not the Church Pansy.”

  1. neodecaussade

    Dear catholicpsychdoc,
    I see what you mean by not agreeing 100%. We know that the right and duty to exercise the apostolate of the laity is common to all the faithful, both clergy and laity. Also, all the faithful, whether clerics or laity, possess freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought and of expressing their mind with humility and fortitude in those matters on which they enjoy competence.

    I borrowed the words from a couple of encyclicals because they were better than my own words. Thank you for the post.

    God bless,


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