The Ascension

One of the things that I love about the Catholic Church is our liturgical calendar.   Forty days after the Resurrection, we celebrate the Ascension.  Some protestants asked Charlie what that was all about.  He told me this morning how he explained it based upon the biblical account [protestants love when you quote the bible to them (sic).]

It reminded me though that except for the parishes that follow the 1962 missal and about 9 diocese in the U.S., the bishops have moved the Feast from Thursday to what should be the 7th Sunday of Easter.  That really messes up the timeline.  Because Pentecost is supposed to be 9 days after the Ascension. . .I’m sorry, I’m starting to confuse myself, here.

Anyhow, I found two things that I want to share this morning about this.

One is a Catholic Meme and the other is a great explanation of the Feast with the Novena to the Holy Spirit which begins today.



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