I Was Going to Close Down My Blog

Yep.  This blog was getting me down.  First of all, I don’t have a lot of strong opinions about things.  My temperament is one of a teacher.  I want to impart knowledge about our Catholic Faith.  However, the responsibility of writing a blog that is pithy and attractive is escaping me right now.  Then I feel guilty over the fact that I am not writing as much as I should.  Plus it costs me money every year to keep my name.  Now that I am retired, I am looking at everything we spend to be sure that it is necessary.  Anyhow, I am still praying and thinking about it.

Which brings me to today’s prayer.  I have a Catholic prayer book called “Blessed be God” that I use every single day.  It is pre-Vatican 2, so it has some prayers that one doesn’t hear anymore that I pray quite often.  Today’s prayer was to the Holy Angels and it touched me so much, I thought I’d share it with you today.

“O Holy Angels, watch over us at all times during this perilous life; O holy Archangels, be our guides on the way to heaven; O heavenly choir of the Principalities, govern us in soul and body; O mighty Powers, preserve us against the wiles of the demons; O celestial Virtues, give us strength and courage in the battle of life; O powerful Dominations, obtain for us dominion over the rebellion of our flesh; O sacred Thrones, grant us peace with God and man; O brilliant Cherubim, illumine our minds with heavenly knowledge; O burning Seraphim, enkindle in our hearts the fire of charity.  Amen.”

Have a great day!  May your Guardian Angel be at your side today to guide and protect you.  Praise God!

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